Monday, October 18, 2010

Welcome to Dual Perspicacity

Hello and welcome to Dual Perspicacity.

I've been considering starting a blog about crafts for awhile now since that's mainly what I've been focusing on in my free time lately (that and re-reading The Wheel Of Time - I don't think I'm going to finish five more books before Towers of Midnight comes out on November 2nd.....). And Christmas is coming up and who doesn't like Christmas crafts - not to mention making gifts. I think homemade gifts are the best!

And look forward to an upcoming post about my first-born's Halloween costume (I made shoes!). Also, I might talk about food sometimes. I love food. Love to make it, love to eat it.

Also, somehow I got my sister, who I have long considered to be more creative, talented and generally more awesome than I am, to do this blog with me! She's the one responsible for the cupcake hat that everyone thinks is the cutest thing ever.

We hope you enjoy and come again!

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