Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pink Butterfly Halloween Costume, Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of what is turning out to be a very long post about my lovely child's Halloween costume. You'll have to wait until part 3 for the shoes, I'm afraid.


I'd never made a sewn tutu before. The purple one I made was tied, so sewing one was new territory. It turned out awesome-looking, however, I wouldn't make one the way I did again, since there is absolutely no stretch in the waste whatsoever. It is strictly a 4T size and will always be a 4T size. Oh well.

I cut 20 pieces of light pink tulle that were 20 or so inches by 6 inches-ish. I separated them into 10 piles, folded them in half lengthwise and then folded them in half width-wise. I then cut 40 pieces of magenta tulle that were 10 in x 6 in. I put four of these together and folded them lengthwise, putting one group of four in each of the ten piles.

I cut a piece of elastic that fit my daughter's waist (22" if you were wondering) and sewed the ends together to make it a circle.

Then I draped the light pink tulle through the elastic circle (at the fold I mentioned earlier) and evened up the ends, and just draped an inch or so of the magenta tulle over the top of the waistband and sewed.

Now, here's where I went wrong. Instead of sewing each bundle of tulle separately, I overlapped them, which LOOKS really cool - it's like a tulle pleat!...but renders the elastic useless.

Anyway, after sewing all ten bunches to the elastic. I cut some sparkly magenta tulle into 6 or 8 10 in x 6 in pieces. I folded the the long sides towards the middle of the fabric and then sewed it onto the waistband, folded side down, draping the tulle over the top of the waistband like I did with the other tulle. I sewed the rest of the shiny tulle pieces the same way, leaving little spaces between each on the waistband. And then I declared myself done!

Stay tuned for part 3, where I'll talk about the shoes - this time I mean it!

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