Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pink Butterfly Halloween Costume, Part 1

So, when I asked my first-born (age 3) what she wanted to be for Halloween this year she said a purple butterfly - which would have been PERFECT because I had already made a purple tutu a year and a half ago and she had purple wings that she got last Christmas - though they were a little sad because they were made from tights material and children just don't come more destructive than mine (yes, that means you too, Ms. Pants).

Unfortunately, she changed her mind the next time I asked and insisted she wanted to be PINK instead. Oh Goody.

So, here's what I did:

Pink leotard - purchased on It was a little big for my 4T little girl, but then I washed it and it was perfect.


I took her old, sad purple wings and cut off all the purple tight material and felt. I was left with the wire frame, which was white (thank goodness - I didn't want to have to paint them!). I suppose I could have just bought some pink tights and pulled those over the frame, but I'm a masochist, so instead I bought some pink iridescent tissue lame (and a special needle to sew it AND interfacing). I traced a pattern using the wire frame onto parchment paper and then cut four pieces of tissue lame and two pieces of interfacing using the pattern. Turns out I could have done it without the interfacing but *shrug*. I sewed the pieces together with the interfacing on top, leaving a (big) hole to get the frame through. I removed the interfacing and then turned the wing inside out and ironed it, then slipped it onto the frame. Repeat process for the other side.

THEN - because I thought they were too boring - I sewed some pieces of tulle onto the wings to give them movement.

I didn't want to use just plain old white elastic for the straps so I sewed some tissue lame tubes and put the elastic through them. I attached them to the frame by sewing them to a piece of fabric that I had draped around the center of the two wings and sewed in place.

To finish everything off I sewed on some tulle to cover anything hideous. Tulle covers a multitude of sins.



I bought the pink sparkly headband at Joann's for $1.00. The wire I had on hand from another project I did last Christmas. I found it in the jewelry making isle at Michael's (I think).

I just looped the wire around the headband and twisted it around itself, tightening it with some pliers. Then I tied leftover tulle pieces around the wound part of the wire. Easy peasy antennae. It took me all of ten minutes.

Stay tuned for part 2, where I'll discuss how not to make a tutu and making shoes!

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