Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Knitted Santa Hat

I whipped up a quick knitted Santa hat for my son. You know, just because. He refuses to wear it, of course, preferring to rub it on his face instead. *Le sigh*

This hat is probably 6-12 months size. It's pretty simple. I used a fluffy/wispy (yes, very technical!) white yarn for the trim and ball; Vanna's Choice "cranberry" for the red.

Cast on 70 sts with the white on size 7 dpns. Purl around until the work measures approximately 1 1/2 to 2 inches (when the hat is finished, this trim will naturally roll under a little bit).

Switch to the red. Stockinette stitch around until the red part of the work measures about 3 1/2 inches.

For the decreases, start by knitting 8, then knit 2 together. Repeat all the way around (7 times total). Then knit 2 full rows.
Next decrease, *k7, k2tog*, repeat around. Knit 2 full rows.
Continue decreases in this manner, remembering to knit 2 rows between decreases, until you have 7 stiches left. *k2tog* until you have 1 stitch left. Tie off and weave in all ends.

For the ball, use straight needles (or two dpns) and cast on 10 sts of the white. Stockinette stitch until you've made a square. Cast off and leave a tail. The purl (or wrong side of the work) will face out when you're done (this side looked fluffier with this yarn). Use the tail of the yarn (and a tapestry needle) to draw together the (4) points of your square. Then run the tail through the (4) mid-points of your square and tie off tightly (you should have a round-ish ball). Use the remaining tail to attach your ball to the tip of your hat.


Ashley said...
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Ashley said...

Out of curiosity why do you use dpns as opposed to rounds?

Tammy said...

I use dpns because they are easy for me (this is not the case for everyone!). Also, if you start out with a round needle (which you can, of course), you'll have to switch to dpns when you decrease. I just prefer to use the same needles the whole time.