Monday, June 11, 2012

Kid's Chair Reupholster Project

I stumbled upon this tutorial from Little Green Notebook on Pinterest last year - thinking "Yes! I can do that! I NEED to do that!" - because we had a chair that was in desperate need of a makeover.

Behold, the sorry state of this (otherwise cute) little chair:


I ordered this chair from Target almost two years ago for my first born's 3rd birthday. Lets just say that the fabric failed to hold up under the pressure of being loved/abused by a rambunctious child (who likes to stand on the arms and seat, rather than sit it in like a normal person). It became discolored very eyesore to the Husband and myself.

This project made the list of 'things we need to fix/replace during spring cleaning' so I committed to getting this done when I had some free time. My husband, bless him, even came in to Joann's with me to help pick out some acceptable fabric.

And so, last week, armed with pliers and screw driver I ripped into this thing and knocked it out in two days.


A closer look at my handmade welting (super easy):

Something extra I needed for this project (that wasn't in the tutorial I linked to above) was small nylon cord to attach the buttons to the wood frame. Also, I didn't make new buttons, I just hot-glued fabric to the old ones, but if I'd needed to make new ones, they sell cloth button 'kits' at Joann's in the notions aisle. In fact, everything I needed for this project I was able to get at Joann's.

Arm welting detail & button


Ms. Pants, lounging

I am very pleased with how this turned out.....And so is everyone else in the family, as you can tell.....

 The girls sharing (for once)


Hilary said...

So amazing! I love the fabric!

Jennifer Lee said...

You did an amazing job!

Stacy said...


I'm proud of myself for finishing(!) and not getting completely frustrated and giving up.